Unconditional care for the loss of your pet

Pet loss is one of the saddest parts of life. What do you do if your pet passes away at home? At the Vet Clinic? While you’re on vacation? Answers to these questions and all of your options are here — on this website for your private viewing.

What is cremation?

Cremation is the process whereby a pet's body is reduced to bone particles and ash through the application of intense heat (usually 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit). This part of the process can take between one and three hours, depending on the size of the pet and if they are in a special pet casket or cremation container. Following a sufficient period of cool down, the bone particles and ash are retrieved from the cremation equipment and then processed into a fine, consistent granular quality. The fine granular matter is placed in the urn and returned to the pet owner for final memorialization.

Are more pets cremated or buried today?

For several reasons, more and more pets are cremated today. First, in many urban communities, ordinances or space prohibit owners from burying their pets in the back yard. Now, cremation is an affordable and simple option that often did not exist in the past. Finally, with our society becoming so much more mobile, choosing cremation gives you the ability to take your pet's cremated remains with you if you move to another home. This trend of cremation becoming the preferred method of disposition also is common to the human funeral business, where trends predict more than 50% of all human deaths will involve cremation as soon as 2025. Thus, you are making the right choice by selecting a Funeral Home which specializes in pet cremations.

Can my veterinarian help me with cremation for my pet?

Yes. Veterinarians have knowledge of the cremation process and use companies like Paws To Remember to handle their pet cremations. So, your veterinarian has been a trusted advisor to you when it comes to your pet's good health, and will provide you with all of the options available to you following the death of one of your beloved pets in a time of need.

Will my veterinarian ask me if I want my pet cremated and returned to me?

Most veterinarians will give you the option of cremation. If you wish to have your pet cremated, the veterinarian will arrange for this to take place. However, pet owners may contact us directly too, especially if their pet dies at home.

What if my pet dies at home or when my veterinarian is closed?

We try to make our services available at all times. It may cost more, but it is inevitable that circumstances may require a more urgent care. Paws To Remember mainatains office hours from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Due to the nature of our business, we are often available to receive calls and provide immediate service beyond our normal hours. When we do leave, our answering service will reach us if it is imperitive to make a house call in the evening, on a weekend, or a holiday. Call us.

Are all pet crematories alike?

Most pet cremation companies provide great service and are highly regarded by the veterinary community, and pet owners. The most apparent differences include the following. The cost to the pet owner may vary greatly, the distance a pet may be transported to another part of Michigan to a crematory can vary greatly, and the amount of time it takes to return the pet cremains can range between two days to almost two weeks, depending on the company. Each of the pet cremation companies, however, do provide areas of their service which exceed the normal expectations. At Paws To Remember, we try to provide our services at a very affordable rate. We try to return each of the pet's cremains in a timely manner, perhaps 2-3 days. Importantly, our services are all done locally, in the Clio Industrial Park.

Do most pet owners choose an "individual" or "communal" cremation?

Just as cremation has gained in popularity over the last 2 decades, the preference has changed here as well. Fifteen years ago, only about 1 in 4 pet families chose "individual cremation" - as most chose not to receive back their pet's cremated remains. Today, that ratio has flipped as research indicates, about 70% of all pet families choosing cremation want their pet's cremated remains back.

Do I have to purchase a casket for my pet's cremation?

No. Often family members will wrap their pet in a favorite blanket or some other personal article of meaning to the pet or family members.

Is an urn required and where do I get one?

Many pet cremation providers return the pet cremated remains in a temporary container or cardboard box. However, at Paws to Remember, we understand the dignity your pet's cremated remains deserve. Accordingly, we use a very simple, yet dignified, urn in all of our cremation offerings. Additionally, many families choose to upgrade to an urn that speaks of their pet's life. Visit the on-line Product Gallery for a large assortment of memorial urns, jewelry, garden stones and other merchandise.

When will my pet be returned to me?

A pet director from Paws to Remember will call you within 2-3  business days to schedule a time to come in and receive your pet. Always feel free to call us at (810) 686-5070.

How long does the cremation process take?

The answer is, that depends. An individual cremation will vary in time depending on the size of the pet. A small pet, for example a cat, would take approximately an hour, where a Great Dane may take two and a half to three hours. This also depends on the weather outside. The retort (cremating machine) has to reach a certain degree before the pet can be placed inside. The colder it is outside, the longer it takes for the machine to heat up. This is a process that cannot be hurried and may vary slightly.

How long after my pet's death will it take to receive back the urn?

Once Paws To Remember receives possession of your pet, he/she will typically be ready to pick up within 2-3 days.

How much does cremation cost?

Pricing varies depending on your preferred type of cremation and the size of your pet. Please call one of our pet care specialists at (810) 686-5070. We can give you specific pricing and answer any other questions you might have.

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